Thursday, 9 July 2015

5 Ways To Make Your Online Masters Programs Education A Success

Binutiri Samson | 23:12 |
 5 Ways To Make Your Online Masters Programs Education A Success

Online institutions report huge dropouts every year, sometimes as high as 40% by the end of the session. This shows succeeding in an online school is not easy and is dependent on multiple factors. It is better to start with correct expectations to avoid any later disappointments.

Online courses depend heavily of student’s communication skills, both verbal and written. Before enrolling in an online course, you must sharpen your communication skills. You are expected to be involved in fairly intense online discussions with peers and professors. This is facilitated through video conferencing. Additionally, a good understand of the usage of linguistic terms, shortcuts etc. on forums or discussion boards would be necessary. Online community is very diverse and you should maintain sensitivity during any discussion.

Basic understanding of how a computer / internet works would be necessary. So hone your skills even before enrolling for a course.

Time administration
This is one of the most difficult tasks for any student enrolled in an online course. Since, there is no outside influence to discipline you, the onus of doing so lies squarely on your shoulders. Do take time out prepare a schedule and adhere to that. If you are undergoing full time courses or working elsewhere, you may require extra motivation to keep up the hard work.

During the course of study, ensure that you are submitting your assignments, project reports etc. always on time. This will earn you kudos plus you will never lag behind. Besides, you will not have to worry unnecessarily to finish your tasks when the deadline approaches.

Status of College & Accreditation
No matter how appealing the courseware or website is, shun away from any school that is not accredited and had negative reviews in past owing to their dealings with the students. If you care for your career and money, be extra cautious while dealing with those who tend to make tall promises. Ask lot of questions and clarify your doubts. See how prompt, empathetic and accurate any institution is in answering your questions.
Even if you are enrolling for an online course, check what facilities, like laboratory, library etc., are on offer. Chances are you will need to access any of these facilities before the course is over.

Participate in Classroom Activities
Do not shy away from discussions, clarifications of doubts etc. during online class. This operates very much like a traditional class and your being quiet will hinder your progress. Those studying online sometimes tend to feel lonely. Engaging in various activities will do away with the feelings of isolation.

Learn to give attention to Better
This is one of the prerequisites for any task, though you have the opportunity to work on it your entire life. This will shorten your study time and will help you to retain more from the classrooms. The benefits will spill over to the other tasks and will result in all round improvement. You may opt to practice any kind of brain exercises, meditation, yoga etc. to increase your level of concentration. Remember, this will also help you to de-stress!

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