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Petroleum Training Institute Effurun Online Part-Time Application 2015/2016 Is Now On

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The Petroleum Training Institute (PTI) Effurun Warri has commenced sales of form for the online part-time programme of the institution. Petroleum Training Institute Effurun Online Part-Time Application 2015/2016 Is Now On

For available programmes and entry requirements, click on

Application Procedure

Visit any branch of zenith bank and obtain PIN for N7,800 only,

1. Go to PTI Portal:

2. Click on Apply For Admission link.

3. On the application portal home page, click on Sign Up Here to register as first time user.

4. On the sign up page, enter Your PIN Number, Choose Your Mode of Study, Choose Your Programme, Enter your Surname,
Other names, Email, Phone Number and your User Name and Password
(Note: Email is important for you to receive notifications from the school)
Click on “Click here to Signup” button

5. This will sign you up and transfer you to logon page.

6. On the login page, enter your user name and the password you used to sign-up above and click on the login button. This would transfer you to Applicant Control Center if your pin is correct.

7. From the Applicant Control Center, move your mouse on Upload Passport. Browse to your passport location, select and click upload. (Passport should not be more than 150kb and only .gif, .png and .jpg file formats are allowed )

8. After your passport upload is successful, click Apply for Admission Here or click Fill Application Form. A copy of Electronic Registration Form will appear with preloaded surname, othernames and prospective courses.

9. Update your bio-data accordingly, most especially Name, Date of Birth, Local Government and State.

10. Fill the Application form; enter your entry qualification exam name, center number, exam center, subjects and grades. Choose your first choice course and Second Choice and third choice.

11. Click "I Agree" button 13. Then click on “Click here to Apply” button

12. From the print window that appears, click on Print My Application Form link to get a printed copy of the form for appropriate signature

13. Go Back To the Applicant Control Centre and print Exam Card from the top left button with the name “Print Exam Card”

14. You can always login back to the portal to check your admission status and other vital information

Screening Date & Details:

Part time (ICE) Entrance Examination for ND programmes holds on 19th September, 2015 and all examination are to hold at the main campus of PTI. Also part time (ICE) HND interview will hold from 25th – 26th September, 2015.
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Friday, 10 July 2015

FG Increases The Number of E-Libraries To 27

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The National Librarian, Mallam Habib Jato has revealed that the Federal Government has increased the number of e-libraries in the country with the establishment of 17 more e-libraries bringing the total number to 27.FG Increases The Number of E-Libraries To 27
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SPDC Niger Delta Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme

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SPDC Niger Delta Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme

Since 2010, the Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited (SPDC) has been supporting scholarships for one-year postgraduate degrees for applicants from Bayelsa, Delta and Rivers states. The objective of the scheme is to provide an opportunity for qualifying students from the three states to further their education in courses that are relevant to the oil and gas industry.

Ten scholarships are awarded annually, and these are in partnership with three  internationally recognised universities in the United Kingdom: Imperial College London, University College London and the University of Leeds.


To qualify for the scholarship, applicants must:
  • display intellectual ability and leadership potential
  • meet the University’s English language requirements (usually at least 6.5 in IELTS or equivalent TOEFL score valid for Sept 2014 admission)
  • be between 21-28 years by end September of the year of admission
  • be indigenes of Rivers, Delta or Bayelsa States (proof of this will be required)
  • currently reside in Nigeria
  • return and take up permanent residence in Nigeria after completion of the proposed programme of study
  • have obtained a university degree equivalent to a UK Second Class Upper (Honours Degree) at a minimum
  • not have studied previously in the UK or any other developed country
  • have a valid Nigerian passport valid till December, 2015
  • be neither current nor former employees (who have left employment less than 5 years before) of SPDC, the Royal Dutch Shell Group of Companies or Karamat Ltd
  • not be a spouse, child or ward of staff of Shell Companies in Nigeria or Karamat Ltd
The scholarship will cover tuition fees, one return flight ticket from Nigeria to the UK and a contribution towards living expenses only*.

MORE INFORMATION CAN BE OBTAINED AT or through the individual universities.

*Please note that the stipends are based on the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) published living rates and are limited to this only.
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Meet MasterCard Scholarship Winner Moses Onyeabor - He Got 4 Universities Admission And 3 Scholarships

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After applying to 7 schools abroad, he was offered 4 universities admission and 3 scholarships in the United States. He is currently studying for bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry at Arizona State University on MasterCard Foundation Scholarship which covers his tuition fees, living expenses, laptop computer, air tickets and more.

Today, Moses shares the success secrets of applying and winning a scholarship even when you think you are not qualified.

This Interview was conducted on Skype call by Ikenna Odinaka for

Below, you can download the audio version of this interview on your mobile device and listen to it offline or online.

ASA: Hello Moses. Can you tell us briefly about yourself? Who is Moses Onyeabor, and a bit of your background?

Moses: OK. My name is Moses Onyeabor. I was born in a small village in Enugu state, Nigeria. I was born into a polygamous family. My father had 3 wives. My mum was like the last of the 3 wives. And I happened to be the last of his kids. Which was fun.
As the last child, you get many attentions. So I grew up being loved by my father, mum and brothers. When I was born, my family was really struggling. My father could hardly feed the family. So I was born into a live of struggle…
moses onyeabor

ASA: I learnt you are a recipient of MasterCard Foundation Scholarship Program. How did that all come about?

For me it was a miracle. But it took a huge part of my time and effort. It started from my junior school. Right from my junior school, I have always valued my education. I didn’t want anything that will come between me and my academics. I always tried to be the best in my class. And that made me to work really hard.

Due to the fact that my parents could not take care of my academic needs, I had to move to Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria to live with my elder brother who was married. He had to fund my education and everything. I spent most of my time in his shop. I hardly had time to study. But whenever I go to school, I try to utilize every time I had. I don’t waste my time. And I observe the kind of friends I kept.

That helped me to keep track with what was going on in school. After my junior WAEC, I had all As in the 9 subjects I sat for. Because of that, I was selected to attend “School for the Gifted” in Gwagwalada, Abuja, Nigeria. You don’t apply to go to the school. The government has to invite you.

Then during my second year, I learnt about a program called USAP – United States Achievers Program – sponsored by American embassy in Nigeria. The advisor came to the school for the gifted. Her name is Mrs. Shade Adebayo. She told us that, “if you do well in your Mock WAEC, you can apply and have the chance of getting accepted into USAP”. Then USAP will help you in funding your application to schools in United States, Canada and any other school you want to apply to.

When I heard about it, I knew I had the academic qualification. But I was skeptical about the Nigerian system and attitude towards money. Because by the time I go half way and they ask for money, it will be a waste of time and effort. But my friend encouraged me that we should give it a try.

We applied. After about 3 to 4 weeks, we got an email confirming that we were among the 120 people selected across Nigeria to come for the interview. Out of 120 people they needed just 15 people to sponsor. That was a huddle for me because, like I said earlier, I always spend most of my time in my brother’s shop. So getting time to prepare for the interview was a big issue for me. I had to stay awake some nights trying to put together one or two things.

I also wrote JAMB. The day I was supposed to go for the interview was the day I was to write my post JAMB. I was faced with a tough decision. The whole thing was a kind of blurry because, we are not quite sure of this interview. I finally decided to go for the interview and forget about post jamb.

After everything, by God’s grace, I was selected among the 15 students to be sponsored. The American embassy in Nigeria, paid all my application fees, the scanning, emailing, everything that I had to do to apply for schools in United states. Sometimes they even pay for my transport from my home to the embassy. In fact everything was like free of charge for me.

I applied for schools in United States, about 3 schools in Canada, one in Costa Rica. And then after everything, I had 4 admissions, 3 scholarships. 2 of the scholarships were not comprehensive. They just pay some amount of money while I pay the rest. But at ASU, I got the MasterCard foundations scholarship which is all encompassing.

They pay for my tuition fees, boarding, everything that has to do with my school. They also paid for my flight from Nigeria to here. And if I want to go back to Nigeria, they’ll also pay for my flight. They bought me a laptop, a printer; I get paid at the end of the month.

There was no way you could say no to such a scholarship.

I didn’t have a hard time making my choice. The night I got the email that I have been selected for this scholarship, oh my God, I could not believe it. In fact, what I did was, I saw the email, I closed my phone, turned it off, switched it back on, and check back to my mail box. And I still saw this email. I started crying, you know. I could not believe it. I could not just believe it.

ASA: Just about everything. So it’s like you are going to school absolutely for free?

Moses: No it’s not like that. It’s like you are “getting paid for going to school”.

ASA: Ok. Getting paid for going to school. Oh…

Moses: Yeah…
Moses: But, like every other scholarship you have to be up and doing. You make sure you are at the top of your game.
moses onyeabor 2

ASA: What was it exactly that challenged you to go through all the hurdles of applying to the scholarships, because, I know it’s kind of tedious. What got you to stick to this thing till the very end?

Moses: My motivation was the fact that, I am this kind of person that like depending on myself. I have my brother to support me, relatives that I could go and beg for support and fund. But as a person, that was not my drive. I feel I should be able to do some things for myself. So I was working so hard looking for a way to take the burden of my school off my brother…

Again, I have also heard stories of people who were successful in scholarship. In fact when I got to the American embassy, they told me that someone from my school, got a scholarship… Though his scholarship is not like MasterCard, but he got a scholarship.

When I heard that, I was like, if someone I knew could do this, no matter what it takes I will do it. I had to write so many essays. In total, I wrote more than 40 essays before I could get a scholarship. On Christmas day, people were celebrating; all I did was pick up my bag, pen and paper, went to the back of our house and was busy writing essays on the 25th day of December.

I wrote about 7 essays on that day. It was not easy. But what motivated me was my passion and desire to succeed.

ASA: You are definitely a good student, academically. You have good grades, alright. I also assume that the other… was it 120 students that were selected for USAP?

Moses: Yea

ASA: I believe most of these students also have quality academic background. So what was your unfair advantage? Does it have to do with your background, extracurricular activities, volunteer jobs?

Moses: Just like you pointed out, those 120 students where very smart people. Every one of them deserves to be among those sponsored. But the criteria are not just about all As and good grades. It also has to do with extracurricular activities, like were you a prefect in your school? Even if you were not a prefect, what did you do? How many competitions have you gone for? How many have you won? Have you been able to create any project?
For me, I was among the FCT children’s parliament in 2005 because in my area council in Abuja, I was the best student… I had also gone for competitions, won some, didn’t win some… These things kind of gave me an advantage. Another thing was the fact that I didn’t write post UME.

ASA: Really?

Moses: Yea. It kind of gave me advantage because after the interview they were like, what was you score in Jamb? I told them. Where is your post Ume? I told them the day I was supposed to go for post UME was the day I had to come for this interview.
They were like, “does that mean that if you don’t get this you have to waste one year?” They were like “this score in jamb in a year that people did so poorly, you want to waste this score?”
So, I felt they didn’t want me to waste one year, or may be they love the fact that…

ASA: that you really want this…

Moses: Yes. That’s true, that I really wanted to do this. That, if I’m picked, I’ll give it my all. It was as if my life was based on it. And I believe I also found favor in the sight of those that interviewed me. I believe all these things came together and played a role.

ASA: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years, from what you have going right now?

Moses: In the next 5 years, that will be like 2 years after my graduation. After my bachelors degree, I’m looking forward to further my higher education. Possibly, getting my masters degree. And if God helps me, go for PhD. But 5 years from now would have meant a huge leap in my career, life and everything about me.
5 years from now, my method of thinking would have changed. The kind of connection I would have made would have been sufficient enough to help me achieve my dream of making an impact in my community…
I have in mind of encouraging people. There are people that need to be encouraged, especially back home; People who feel like all hope is lost. I see myself in the nearest future, trying to create something that will serve as an encouragement to such people, especially those who are really talented, both academically and otherwise. People with no means of harnessing their talent. Possibly while I’m still school, help them make us of their God-given talent…
I see myself being sufficient in my own ability and trying to extend helping hand to people who need it.

ASA: Can you tell us something interesting about you?

Moses: Something interesting?

ASA: It can be just about anything. Let me give you a clue. I think I read something about Kanu Nwankwo. You can tell us something about that.

Moses: Oh yes. Let me tell you about that… So when I was a kid, I used to play football very well. When people see me, they called me Kanu Nwankwo. That was fun anyway. But what happened was that when I was in primary school, Kanu Nwankwo actually had to visit our school in Abuja. Then the coach of my school and another school wanted to combine a team to play in exhibition for Kanu. For me that was like a dream come true.
It was so wonderful. I think that was an interesting part for me.

ASA: OK. After School Africa readers, we have a lot of African students out there looking to study abroad on scholarships. What advice will you give to this people? What they can do and how to get to where you are?

Moses: For me, what I will say is you need to make determination your friend. You need to trust in yourself. You need to also know that you cannot do everything by yourself. While you are confident, you should also be open to advice from people. And, then you also have to be very smart to filter out good advice and the ones that are not good.

…This year 50 people will be coming from Africa to my school on the same (MasterCard Foundation) scholarship. I told some of my Nigerian friends and asked them to apply. Some of them even emailed me when they read my story and ask how do to do this. I send them the link for the application.

I tell them that if you ever need any information, I’m here to help you; I’ve gone through this; I know what they want from you. I know how to help you even fix you essays, so that you can get this.

Some of them started. But when they saw that they needed to write many essays, they stopped. They felt this is too much work. Why should I do this when I’m not even sure I’ll be picked?

To me, you’ve already failed. You have to understand that, you are probably no the smartest person. But you stand a chance. When you begin to think that you are not smart enough, you don’t have confidence in yourself, may be because you don’t have high grades, you’ve already failed.

I came from School of the Gifted, but when I got to American embassy, people from across Nigeria, I saw people who were much better than I am. It was scary. You think you are smart and then meet someone that is like 10 times smarter than you. I felt really stupid. I was like, when am I going to get this kind of scholarship when am competing with these kind of people.

But what happened was that, I actually got the scholarship, and those guys didn’t. They had to wait for another year. For some of them, it was this year that they got. We started this thing like 2 years ago. Another thing is that you need to be patient. It took me like one year to apply. I had to wait for one good year.
Back home they used to tell us that nothing good comes easy. So I spent one year waiting, writing applications, studying. I didn’t actually have the time to study. Studying at night. It was like taking myself out of my comfort zone for one good year. But it paid off. And when it did, I can’t even remember all those struggles. They are like forgotten stories.

So if you are looking to get this kind of scholarship, they are everywhere. That’s the good news. Scholarships are everywhere.

They are hard to get but they can be gotten, depending on how you pursue them. How seriously you take them. How determined you are. Even if people tell you that you can’t do it, tell yourself you can do it…
Getting a scholarship is not mission impossible. It’s something you can do. And it’s something you will do if you just believe and do the right thing. Get the right information. Meet the right people. Talk to the right people. Make the right connections. Then, you’ll see yourself one day where you want to be.

ASA: So, Moses, you are saying that it’s not really much about how smart you are. Some people tend to feel like “well, I’m not so good academically. I’m not one of the best students in my class. That means, scholarship is not for me.” Are you saying that it has to do more with your effort towards getting that scholarship than academic background?

Moses: Different scholarships are for different purposes. Some scholarships, like the one I got, is holistic. What that means is that, it involves your academic performance, extracurricular activities, financial background and your personality. And then the opinion of people around you, like teachers, guidance and counselor? What do they have to say about you? What are you future plans? This one is very comprehensive.

There are scholarships you can get just because you know how to play soccer, or football. You can get sports scholarship. You can also get scholarship just because of your background. You are economically disadvantaged. They call it need-based scholarship. You are awarded scholarship because you need it. And then there is also merit based scholarship, just because you are smart.

That you are not super smart does not mean that all hope is lost. Obviously everybody is smart, just that may be when you compare to like your friends, you feel you are not that smart but you are smart. If you are not that smart (academically), it does not mean that you cannot get a scholarship.

It means you have to identify your strength. When you apply for scholarship, show them your strength. If your strength is not your academic grades, don’t push result forward. Push forward your strength. Then try to minimize your weaknesses. That’s how to do this…

And you also have to show your weakness because if you try to hide it, that’s like dishonesty. And that will disqualify you. You don’t hide your weakness. But you try not to advertise it. You advertise your strength.

ASA: It’s been an interesting one with you Moses. I appreciate your sharing your experience and stories with us. I believe our readers will be inspired in some way. Thank you very much.

Moses: Alright, thank you.
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Ebonyi State University (EBSU) Begins 2015 Post-UTME/DE Application

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This is to invite all candidates who chose Ebonyi State University (EBSU), Abakaliki and who scored 180 and above in the 2015/2016 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) to register/process for our Post-UTME from Tuesday, 14th July – Monday, 10th August, 2015 guided by the following:


LAW Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources Management, CAS Campus – Centre 1 LAW 0001-1100
EBSU Secondary School, CAS Campus, Centre 2   FMS 0001-1320
  Pre-Degree School, CAS Campus, Centre 3   EDA 0001-0170
  Faculty of Law, CAS Campus, Centre 4   FSH 0001-1690
Faculty of Education, Ishieke Annex, Centre 5
FSS 0001-0630
Faculty of Management Sciences, Main Campus, Centre 6 FMC 0001-1550
Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities, Main Campus, Centre 7   HST 0001-1120
  Faculty of Health Sciences and Technology, PRESCO Campus, Centre 8   AGR 0001-0120
  Faculty of Applied and Natural Sciences, PRESCO Campus, Centre 9   EDS 0001-0050

NB: Candidates are expected to locate/report to their Examination centres as shall be indicated on their acknowledgement slips.


(1) Eligible candidates should compulsorily proceed to any of the designed Banks in C and pay N3,000 on the e-transact platform; to cover UTME Registration/Examination and O/L verification/processing. Please collect your e-transact print-out that bears your receipts number and Confirmation Order (Pin) number from the Bank.

(2) With the e-transact print-out, the candidate should access and complete the Registration Form at

(3) Payment can be made at any of the listed Bank branches nationwide.

(4) Candidates must present their UTME result notification slips to Banks to ensure payments with correct JAMB Registration Numbers.

To register:

(i) Click on Prospective Student

(ii) Choose “Apply for Post UTME”

(iii) Input your Confirmation Order (Pin) number and your JAMB Registration number.

(iv) Carefully fill the Post UTME Screening Registration Form completely with major attention to your WAEC/NECO etc details such as WAEC/NECO scratch card Pin Number; Exam Centre Number, Exam Registration Number, Subjects with Grades obtained. Purchase of WAEC/NECO etc. Scratch card(s) for the exercise is the responsibility of each candidate.

(v) Upload a clear copy of your passport photograph. (The format of uploading should be gif or jepg and should not be above 200 x 200 pixel).

(vi) Click on SUBMIT and ensure that all your entries are correct in all the fields.

(vii) Thereafter, your acknowledgement slip will be displayed.

(viii) Print and keep your acknowledgement slip for later reference/use.

For more information, visit and click on Post UTME Screening Guide.

Candidates should come to the examination centres with the following:

* Two clear copies (with clear picture) of their Post UTME ACKNOWLEDGEMENT SLIP

* Original and photocopy of UTME result notification slip with your passport photograph on it. Those on O/L Awaiting result shall write ‘O/L A/R’ on their UTME result slips.

* Confirmation Order (Pin) Number used for registration (with the Bank Teller)

* HB Pencil, eraser and sharpener.


* Payment after Monday, 10th August 2015 shall be of no effect.

* All due payments without due online registration shall not qualify any candidate for the examination.

* Blurred scanned passport photograph will disqualify an applicant.

* Only candidates whose WAEC/NECO etc results are verified by our portal may be considered for admission into Ebonyi State University.

At the screening, candidates will answer questions in:

* Use of English (compulsory for ALL candidates).

* Any other 3 subjects according to candidates’ choice of programme.

There will be 14 subjects for Arts related candidates and 9 subjects for Science related candidates to choose from (see details online)


1 Fidelity Bank Plc Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki 4010474892
2 Zenith Bank Plc Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki 1011747601
3 Diamond Bank Plc Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki 0007909716
4 GT Bank Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki 0043960872
5 First Bank Plc Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki 2013358325
6 EBSU Microfinance Bank Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki 3351000005
7 Eco Bank Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki 2692007058
8 UBA Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki 1004173297
9 Enterprise Bank Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki 1400002926


(i) GSM phones, calculators and other electronic devices are not allowed into Examination/Screening venues.

(ii) On the Examination day, ensure that the OMR (answer) sheet given to you is pre-shaded in your correct particulars.

(iii) Submit your question papers along with your OMR sheets at the end of the screening.

(iv) Screening of results as well as admission into Ebonyi State University for the 2015/2016 academic year will be posted on our website. Manual publication may also be made in EBSU Admissions Office in CAS.


Direct entry candidates who chose EBSU and possess a minimum of OND/OD upper credit are also to participate in this online screening exercise for the purpose of screening/verification of their O/Level results only. These candidates are NOT required to write the screening test.


All payment into Banks shall close on Monday, 10th August, 2015 while our website for online registration shall be shutdown at 12 Midnight on Monday, 10th August, 2015.
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5 Ways To Make Your Online Masters Programs Education A Success

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 5 Ways To Make Your Online Masters Programs Education A Success

Online institutions report huge dropouts every year, sometimes as high as 40% by the end of the session. This shows succeeding in an online school is not easy and is dependent on multiple factors. It is better to start with correct expectations to avoid any later disappointments.

Online courses depend heavily of student’s communication skills, both verbal and written. Before enrolling in an online course, you must sharpen your communication skills. You are expected to be involved in fairly intense online discussions with peers and professors. This is facilitated through video conferencing. Additionally, a good understand of the usage of linguistic terms, shortcuts etc. on forums or discussion boards would be necessary. Online community is very diverse and you should maintain sensitivity during any discussion.

Basic understanding of how a computer / internet works would be necessary. So hone your skills even before enrolling for a course.

Time administration
This is one of the most difficult tasks for any student enrolled in an online course. Since, there is no outside influence to discipline you, the onus of doing so lies squarely on your shoulders. Do take time out prepare a schedule and adhere to that. If you are undergoing full time courses or working elsewhere, you may require extra motivation to keep up the hard work.

During the course of study, ensure that you are submitting your assignments, project reports etc. always on time. This will earn you kudos plus you will never lag behind. Besides, you will not have to worry unnecessarily to finish your tasks when the deadline approaches.

Status of College & Accreditation
No matter how appealing the courseware or website is, shun away from any school that is not accredited and had negative reviews in past owing to their dealings with the students. If you care for your career and money, be extra cautious while dealing with those who tend to make tall promises. Ask lot of questions and clarify your doubts. See how prompt, empathetic and accurate any institution is in answering your questions.
Even if you are enrolling for an online course, check what facilities, like laboratory, library etc., are on offer. Chances are you will need to access any of these facilities before the course is over.

Participate in Classroom Activities
Do not shy away from discussions, clarifications of doubts etc. during online class. This operates very much like a traditional class and your being quiet will hinder your progress. Those studying online sometimes tend to feel lonely. Engaging in various activities will do away with the feelings of isolation.

Learn to give attention to Better
This is one of the prerequisites for any task, though you have the opportunity to work on it your entire life. This will shorten your study time and will help you to retain more from the classrooms. The benefits will spill over to the other tasks and will result in all round improvement. You may opt to practice any kind of brain exercises, meditation, yoga etc. to increase your level of concentration. Remember, this will also help you to de-stress!
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UNIJOS First Semester Examination Date 2014/2015 Announced

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Students of the University of Jos (UNIJOS) are in high spirits following the announcement of the first semester examination schedule by the school management to commence on July 28, 2015.

Lectures have intensified as students and lecturers prepare assiduously for the coming examination.

We wish the students all the best!
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